Lhasa Apso – Dressed to Thrill!

Is it any wonder that the Lhasa Apso is one of the most popular dog breeds the world over? Is there a more impressive site in the canine world than seeing this proud little dog glide gracefully along as if walking on air? If there is, we would certainly love to witness it!

Maintaining the Lhasa Apso’s coat is hard work it has to be admitted. They are not a breed which can get by with the occasional brush or the weekly comb. Grooming the Lhasa Apso to perfection is almost a full-time job. All we tend to see of the Lhasa is its wonderfully long, silky, flowing top coat. But beneath that outer coat is a soft undercoat that once seriously matted is simply impossible to manage without the severest of haircuts which to an extent defeats the object of owning such a beautiful dog in the first place.

So if you want a Lhasa Apso, and you want it to look and feel its best, prepare yourself for many hours of brushing, combing, bathing and pampering what has to be one of the most beautiful dogs in the world!


2 Responses to “Lhasa Apso – Dressed to Thrill!”
  1. izvet says:

    Thanks a lot

  2. Suzanne Porter says:

    Many thanks for this article….I am awaiting the arrival…nay, conception….of my two Lhasa’s which I hope to have toward the end of this year. I am so excited and can hardly wait!!!

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