Lhasa Apso Rescue

Not everyone wants a Lhasa Apso as a puppy. They are by no means difficult to train, but you may simply not have the time to dedicate to the upbringing and training of a Lhasa Apso. In that case, you may prefer an older dog. You might prefer to consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter or Lhasa Apso Rescue Centre. You might prefer to Rescue a Lhasa Apso!

Animal shelters and rescue centres don’t just have non-pedigree or mixed-breed dogs, they have pedigree dogs as well – including Lhasa Apsos. In fact it is said that as much as 30% of the average animal shelters’ population¬†are pedigrees or are purebred dogs.

There are a many specialist Lhasa Apso Rescue Centres throughout the United Kingdom. So if you would prefer an older Lhasa Apso, why not try contacting your local animal shelter or specialist Lhasa Apso Rescue Centre today!

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